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Patient Information

Most times the first visit to our office is reserved for a comprehensive exam. In the case of an emergency that requires prompt attention, we can schedule an emergency examination and treatment.


Should you need to change an appointment please contact the office during regular office hours.  This will allow you to speak directly to one of our receptionists and reschedule the appointment in a timely manner.  We do require 48 hours notice for any appointment changes.  


Wellington Street Family Dentistry is committed to accessibility for persons with disabilities. We do this by providing accessible services in the areas of information and communication, facilities and customer service. 


Emergencies sometimes arise, in the event of a dental emergency we will be happy to take your call. Our Dental Receptionists are specially trained to assess the problem and advise you on the next best step.

Financial Information

Direct billing is available upon request to your insurance company.

Please note: We will assist patients to obtain reimbursement for benefits they may be eligible for, however, patients are responsible for any fees not covered by their dental insurance plan.  Insurance companies do not always cover what is this best treatment option for every patient.

We will recommend the treatment options we feel are best for each individual and send estimates to the insurance company as needed, but ultimately the treatment provided is decided upon by the individual patient (or guardian). We follow the most current ODA fee guide.

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