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Implant Warranty Program


We consider implant restorations to be a lifelong solution to your dental needs. Our responsibility is to provide you with a high quality, well-fitting prosthesis.  We recognize the investment you have placed in your implant(s) and we provide a limited warranty as outlined below.  We cannot stress enough the need for regular maintenance through an oral hygiene program, this allows us to detect problems that may be minor but could become major if not corrected.  It is important that you inform us of any changes in your medical status, or any medications that may be prescribed to you.



In the unlikely event that an implant fails, meaning that there is bone loss around the implant and the implant needs to be removed, the following warranty will apply:



As per Oral Surgeon/Periodontist who placed the implant



If implant fails in 5 years or less, all fees are covered to replace

If implant fails after 5 years, there will be a professional fee and lab fee



Our warranty covers the normal wear of the restorations outlined in the warranty period.  If the restoration has defects in the material or workmanship within the specified time periods, then the restoration will be made at no charge contingent on the following conditions:


  • All indications/contraindications were observed (night guard worn if required)

  • Breakage was not due to an accident or abuse

  • Proper oral hygiene was maintained

  • No repair, modification or alteration of the restoration was made by a third party

  • The original restoration must be returned


In the event of a prosthetic complication, the following warranty will apply:


Porcelain Fracture             

0-5 years –no fee

after 5 years –professional and lab fee


Acrylic Fracture (includes broken or lost denture teeth)

1st year –no fee

after 1 year –professional and lab fee for repair


Bar Fracture        

0-5 years- no fee

after 5 years-professional and lab fee


Locators (denture attachments)      

1st year –no fee  after 3 months (up to one additional set of nylon gaskets)

after 1 year charge for replacement of nylon gaskets

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