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Implant Maintenance

The delivery of your implant prosthesis is just the beginning.  We are committed to the long term health and maintenance of your implants.  The maintenance of your implants is a team effort in which you play an important role.  We want to ensure that these implants and the prosthesis remain functional and maintainable for the rest of your life.


  • At the delivery appointment, you will be instructed on how to clean your implants.

  • You will be given hygiene aids to help

  • The dentist or assistant will ask you to clean the area before you leave

  • If you have areas that you feel are hard to clean --please ask for instruction

  • We recommend a hygiene appointment every 3-6 months depending on your individual needs

  • If there is a bar or sub-frame it needs to be removed every 2 years depending on your level of hygiene-may be more often if area is difficult to clean-may be less often if you are able to clean it well.


Please contact our office if you have any trouble with your implants.  This includes but is not limited to looseness, pain or prosthetic fracture


We will be happy to take care of any implant problem in the future

Radiographs are taken at 3 months implant check appointment and are included in the fee of for the implant work.


During the first 5 years after prosthesis delivery, radiographs should be taken at 1 year intervals.

After 5 years, radiographs are taken at 2 year intervals.

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