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On behalf of our staff and myself, I wish to welcome you to our office.  We want you to know that we pride ourselves on trying to make dentistry a pleasant experience for you. 


Philosophy of Practice

We place a great deal of emphasis on preventative dental services in an effort to preserve the natural dentition and prevent or delay the initiation of new dental disease.  If there are therapeutic or treatment services required that we feel are best handled by a specialist we will not hesitate to make the referral.  We will, of course, continue to care for your on-going dental needs.

Ours is a general family dental practice and as such is not restricted to any defined age group or type of dental service.  We would like to function as the primary source of dental care for all members of a family beginning at or around age 3.


Our goal is to prevent dental disease; therefore we will book your next recall appointment before you leave our office. These recall appointments are essential to permit us to maintain your good state of dental health and intercept developing problems early before they require a great deal of time and expense.


Our responsibility will be to diagnose your dental problems, treat these problems and teach you how to maintain your oral health and prevent new problems.  However, we must rely on you to conscientiously apply what we teach you at home or else the treatment we provide cannot be expected to endure.


From time to time the office may be closed so that the staff can participate in continuing dental education courses.  Although this may be an inconvenience, we are striving to improve our office in order to provide you and your family with the finest dental care possible.


Yours sincerely,


Dr. Candice Wakulich

Dr. Mallory Lynch

Dentist Chair
We accept used dental items for recycling!
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